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In today’s high tech world, motors make the world go round. Motors both large and small are the power behind so many devices and vehicles we can’t live without. For high quality motors that will keep your products running great and your customers satisfied look no further than, Dongzheng. Our company has been in business for well over a decade and in that time we have gained invaluable experience and incredible insight into the motor industry. Under the management of a motor industry veteran, our company has become an expert in the production and sales of a diverse range of gear driven motors.

We have built an incredibly dedicated team through many years of continued innovation. This elite team integrates development, design, production and sales.Various gear motors that we produce have been on par with international standards. Dongzheng has been a true pioneer in the field of gear driven motors in our country.Our combination of optimized design and advanced techniques provides a powerful guarantee on the manufacturing of a wide range of best-in-class mini type gear motors.

Dongzheng has passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification. Additionally they have been certified by CE and ROHS standards.Currently our products have found wide application in the fields of industrial automation, service-oriented robot, solar tracking system, home appliance, automobile, medical supplies, healthcare equipment, and so forth. They have been exported to Israel, the United States, Europe, and other countries or regions.

Dongzheng Motor Co. Ltd is an expert manufacturer of gear driven motors. Dongzheng was established in 2003 and quickly developed into an industry recognized producer of a diverse selection of motors.

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Dongzheng annual production capacity reaches 600,000 sets of gear driven motors of various types. We also provide customized products to meet any customer demands that our standard motors cannot. Our high volume capacity and considerable level of customization means clients will never be left waiting for long lead times and they will always get the right product to fit their exact needs.

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Dongzheng motors have enjoyed wide application in solar energy generating systems, health care equipment, packaging machines, printing machinery, electric actuators, and other industrial equipment. This wide array of applications shows that our motors are suitable for every situation. Motors produced by Dongzheng have been exported to South Korea, Israel, the United States, Italy and many other countries.

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Dongzheng has assembled a team of highly dedicated individuals that work in an integrated environment which includes development, design, production, and an extremely sophisticated sales process.

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Dongzheng has passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification. Our in-house produced gear motors have been awarded the China Compulsory Certification (CCC), CE and ROHS Certifications. These certifications show that are products are highly trusted.

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