Lab Testing

Dongzheng completes accelerated aging testing as part of our quality control program. In this program we use high-precision equipment to verify the aging performance and service life of our motors under simulated working conditions.

In this lab, we test the characteristics of a wide range of electric motors by utilizing torque meters with capacities ranging from 0.1N.m to 300N.m.

In order to fully meet customers’ requirements, we have established a room where the noise level is less than 25dB. In this room, the noise level of all gear motors is tested.

Dongzheng has also set up a gear measuring center, where we can perform a comprehensive range of tests on gear elements, including tooth profile, tooth spacing, lead accuracy, etc.

The RoHS testing equipment is reliable for the component analysis and environmental testing of the purchased materials.

The 3D coordinate measuring machine is used to determine the coordinate, relative position and center-to-center distance of the machined parts.

As for the gears which are made from special materials, we carry out the tooth strength testing and tensile testing.

  • Synthetic Laboratory

All raw materials and components produced by outside manufacturers undergo RoHS testing and composition analysis. We rigorously test our raw materials to ensure outstanding overall product quality.

  • Rohs Testing Equipment

Gears made from special materials undergo bending resistance testing and tensile strength testing by our inspectors. These types of tests allow a strong guarantee of excellent product performance.

  • Strength Tester

This 3D coordinate measuring machine detects center distances, coordinates, relative positions of the motor case body, end cap and other parts.

  • 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine
Testing Center

Dongzheng completes accelerated aging testing for new products, products made of new materials, or motors produced using new technology. Advanced testers are adopted to verify the aging performance and service life.

  • Aging Lab

The torque meter conducts characteristic curve and comprehensive testing of electric motors with capacities ranging from 0.1N.m to 1000N.m.

  • Torque Meter

In the noise testing room, the noise level of our motors is kept below 25dB, which meets the testing requirements of most gear motors.

  • Noise Testing Room
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